Celebrating Black Womanhood 24/7

Dear Sista Friend recognizes what it means to be both Black and female in a world that aims to diminish both of these identities.  Just as fervently as we recognize and celebrate our Blackness in the month of February, we want to celebrate our womanhood in the month of March.

I do not value either of these identities over the other, as my strength comes from both.  In recognition of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, I dedicate this poem to the many Black women who have been silenced or unrecognized.

Beaten, bare, never broken

Black woman, you came to this country belligerent, and not so ready to carry the world on your shoulders.

But with no hesitation, you kept the universe spinning.
You did not volunteer for this position, but the world knew you were the only human capable.

Capable of
demanding, and
controlling every whim of human nature

Silenced for the curve in your back, the sway in your walk, the crook in your hips and the power in your shoulders
Dismissed because of the pigment in your skin and the curl in your hair

It is you who bares the brunt of the world’s hatred toward both femininity and blackness
Yet, it is you that demands to be seen;
sits down at the head of the table and dares anyone to question your place there.

It is you who speaks for the men:
Love them
fight for them
raise them, and
weaps over their diminishing value in this country
while somehow dismissing your own mistreatment
You are the cheerleader, the star quarterback, and the head coach.

With hands that heal and eyes that will cut sense into any misbehaving child,
Your strength is unmatched.
You are the gold in a barren land.

You hold the double edge sword of race and sex in your hand,
and instead of being defeated by it, masterfully you use it as a weapon of protection against all who make failed attempts to diminish your light.

Keep shining sista.

Your Sista Friend,


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  1. Absolutely love this. Very moving and motivating.

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