Reflections on Sisterhood from 7 Delta Women

Dear Sista Friend, The creators of Dear Sista Friend, define sista friend as follows: Sista Friend (noun): a network of women of color that support each other personally and professionally We recognize that Sista Friends are not limited to only the women that we share genetics with. In recognition of our three year anniversary as […]

When Talking About Race Becomes Exhausting

Dear Sista Friend, Everyday is a constant reminder that being Black in a America means to be in a constant battle. When I turn on the news, I am reminded of the high price of Black skin.  I scroll down my Facebook feed and see a number of tirades discussing the latest news regarding violence, […]

Taraji P. Henson: The Supportive Sista Friend

Dear Sista Friend, I hope your friends are like Taraji P. Henson! I quit watching a lot of the award shows when I realized that I probably would not see people who look like me. I had not followed the Emmy nominations because I accepted the fact that Black women don’t usually win their awards. […]