Creative, not Ghetto: Embracing the Uniqueness of Your Name

Dear Sista Friend, Being a “sista” means to be a part of a sisterhood. A true sisterhood consists of proud Black women who carry themselves with pride and those who uplift and empower each other. Our sisterhood is not to be used to diminish another’s spirit. It is not to be discriminatory; it accepts all types […]

To the Beautiful Sista: Finding Your Self-Confidence Through Christ

Dear Sista Friend, With the constant evolution of the internet and social media, we have amazing access to people and their lives. With a click of a button we can share our excitement with a friend who just got engaged or learn how to achieve a bomb twist out from a Youtube video. Although extremely […]

Things We Should Be Doing, But Often Fail To Do

Dear Sista Friend, Things we should be doing, but often fail to do: Reflect through writing A year ago, after much turmoil, I decided that I would take a gap year in between undergrad and grad school.  In the moments leading up to this decision, writing had become my saving grace. Through this reflection, I […]