Channeling #PositivePauletta, Resisting #NegativeNakeisha

Dear Sista Friend, It’s been roouugghh. “Senioritis” was so real as I entered this last semester of coursework. But even before then I struggled through burn out. Going to school straight through with no breaks is for the birds (stay tuned for blog post)! This semester has been even worse because I’m so close I […]

Did I Do That?: Accepting Constructive Criticism At Work

Dear Sista Friend, So, you’ve graduated high school at the top of your class with honors. You’ve done your best in college and pulled out the ‘cum laude’ standing (or higher, because you’re an overachiever, girl). In fact, you did so well you got a job after graduation.  You’re working and living your dreams. You are flying […]