Failure Isn’t A Bad Thing

Dear Sista Friend, I’ve failed a lot. Sometimes they were huge, horrible mistakes that affected my personal life. Other times they were just “bumps” in the professional road.  I have been the brunt of excoriating humiliation and embarrassed in front of other co-workers. I have also been called out in meetings and in conference rooms […]

Career Spotlight Series: Dentistry

Dear Sista Friend, In a world where Black females don’t dominate the profession of dentistry, this past summer, I was selected to serve the underserved communities in Catadupa, Saint James, Jamaica. As first timer traveling out of the country, I was privileged to travel with Zion Care International under Bishop Craig Brown. I provided dental care […]

Sitting at the Table: Women in Leadership

Dear Sista Friend, In today’s society the number of women in leadership positions are growing, but women are still not dominating higher leadership positions within companies, especially women of color. Women hold about 14 percent of executive officer positions, 17 percent of board seats, and constitute 18 percent of our elected congressional officials. So, when […]

Career Spotlight Series: The Art Industry

Name: Victoria Donaldson Hometown: St. Louis, MO College/University (if applicable): Alabama A&M University Degree(s) (if applicable): B.S. in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Graphic Communications and Minor in Art History Fun Fact(s): I’m a Leo and a Dragon and my favorite color is green (that’s about as fun as it gets). Could you give […]