Reflections on Sisterhood from 7 Delta Women

Dear Sista Friend,

The creators of Dear Sista Friend, define sista friend as follows:

Sista Friend (noun): a network of women of color that support each other personally and professionally

We recognize that Sista Friends are not limited to only the women that we share genetics with. In recognition of our three year anniversary as members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. we have enlisted the help of our sorority sisters to share our experiences and stories of sisterhood.

Briantria “Permanence” Smocks

I am in disbelief that it has only been three years since I decided to join the best sorority in the world! Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has taught me so much in these very few years and has also given me a lifetime of sista frSD11iends, especially the Seven Distinctions of Sovereignty. I truly view my line as my SISTERS for a myriad of reasons. We could spend hours during a sisterhood just laughing and being silly. We could also spend those same hours discussing real issues and opening up to one another about our various grievances. We never shied away from telling each other how we really felt either (good times, good times lol)! I will never forget how we always made it a priority to remember to buy a cupcake or do something for everyone’s birthday. Oh, and don’t let us all go out together! We were and still are a force to be reckoned with! Not only that, but my sisters have pushed me to become a woman that knows how to handle business effectively and efficiently by voting me for chapter President when I was really hesitant to take on the responsibility. Through our heated political discussions and social action Facebook wars (where we would always have our sister’s back on matters of injustice), I have also learned to stand up for the rights of the underserved and oppressed, continue to have upstanding moral character despite negativity and gossip, and value my self-worth. In addition, most of all Delta and my sisters have taught me to be an educated black woman that pairs my talk with action. In other words, they have been a constant reminder that everyone else can say what they’re going to do, but WE get things DONE. For that reason, I will always cherish the memories that I’ve shared with these women and I can’t wait to create more. On that note, shout out to all of my Delta sista friends and to many more years of impacting lives through service and “sistahood”. OOOOO~OOOOP!!

Trisha “Infinite” St. Fleur

There is a lot to say about DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. That is what happens when you have AMAZING women doing AMAZING things. However, I want to speak on the Deltas that make up my line sisters.

We are all women from different backgrounds and different outlooks with different weaknesses and different strengths. That is what makes our sisterhood.The uniqueness and similarities of tSD5hese women intertwine to achieve greatness. That is what makes our sisterhood.I know I have six additional people out there rooting for me. That is what makes our sisterhood. I have six sisters that empathize with me and rejoice with me. That is what makes our sisterhood. We don’t have to talk every day to remain close. That is what makes our sisterhood. I have a support system that alleviates my loneliness. That is what makes our sisterhood. I know strong, beautiful, complex, and SD6compassionate women. That is what makes our sisterhood. I shared an intimate experience with six AMAZING people. That is what makes our sisterhood. My sisterhood is comprised of women who are GREAT and THRIVE to make the world a little bit better in their respective ways. Delta Sigma Theta and these women make up my sisterhood and I am forever grateful!

Faith “Influence” Miller

When people speak of Greek life, they think mainly of parties and social life.  I have heard people speak of joining Greek organizations as buying friends.  Three years ago, I made one of the best decisions in my life.  I joined the greatest sorority on the planet, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. And I have gained relationships that money could not buy.  I have experienced great love, great support and great joy.  Three years ago, I added six women to my growing list of family.  These women have seen me at my worst and rejoiced with me at my best.  Through our relationship, I am reminded that the word family is extended to people who simply have your back.  My line sisters are the epitome of what it means to SD9not only be great Delta women, but what it means to be amazing sista friends. They inspire me to be a better sister, a better friend, and a better person. I know that when I walk into a  room filled with Deltas, I am surrounded by greatness.  In the past three years, I have grown tremendously and I have been loved greatly. I will forever be grateful.


Kirsten “Universal” Hamm

The women of Delta Sigma Theta are known in history as strong, ambitious, world-changing women, and my line-sisters fall nothing short of that! Around the country, from grad-school and making a difference in the school system, to cancer research with major companies, to making waves in fashion, not only are my sisters making mSD8oves within our first year and a half of graduating from undergrad, but I am humbled by the women in Delta that I’ve seen them grow into as our third year as sisters rolls around! These women have supported me, gotten real with me, and been exactly what I needed all in one. They inspire me to be a better woman and to reach new heights each day, and I am so proud to be associated with such an illustrious, influential, strong group that cannot be broken. We are The Seven Distinctions of Sovereignty! I am so grateful for my sisters Permanence, Infinite, Influence, Excellence, Invincible, and Absolute! I truly admire you ladies, miss you, and am excited to see what is in store for us not only individually, but as a line. Love you ladies!

Kaylah “Excellence” Burton

SD3When I think of Delta, three things always come to mind. Scholarship, service & sisterhood, yes, but even more so, I think of the three types of women who have made my experience being a Delta one of the greatest of my life. I think of the women of Delta in my history. The likes of  Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hammer, Dorothy I. Height and our 22 illustrious founders who have shaped, resisted, worked and fought to create the very path that I live in today. I think about the women of Delta nationwide. Those who helped raise me in Cincinnati, those who became my close sisters in Texas and those who welcomed me with open arms in NYC and everywhere I go. And I think about the Nu Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Made up of my prophytes, who brought me into this sisterhood, my Neos, who I have seen grown into honorable women of Delta and The 7 Distinctions of Sovereignty, who have carried me, laughed with me and shed tears with me. These women have inspired me to become a better Delta, a better woman, a better sister, and a better friend every single day for the past three years and have taught me what Delta is all about.

Devean “Invincible” Owens

Growing up I always knew I wanted to join a sorority. I’m pretty sure in middle school my friends and I decided what organizations we wanted to join. However, at such a young age you do not truly understand what that means. Upon entering college I had my mind made up and I was just itching for my opportunity. When the time rolled around I’m not sure I fully understood all that I would be gaining or how my life would be changed for the better. My line sisters will tell you I was the most stubborn, set in my ways, nonemotional person. (Don’t agree too hard ladies lol) I did not comprehend the notion of being completely vulnerable with six women I barely knew, but they soon began to break down the barriers and helped me understand the value and importance of our
IMG_9033sisterhood. I was changed for the better because of my sisters. Now when I’m sentimental and missing them they are like “Whaaaaatttt? Devean is being emotional?!” My sisters are greatness. My sisters are love. My sisters are strength. My sisters are friends. My sisters are family. I am so thankful to know such amazing women and to call them MY sisters. The Seven DistiNctIons of Sovereignty are the epitome of sisterhood. There is always someone there to lean on in our time of need but also to celebrate in our times of success. Becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. changed my life forever and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to know and love such phenomenal women.



Mariam “Absolute” Alaka

SD12Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated! When people hear these words, a variety of things may come to mind: sisterhood, community service, and maybe something just as simple as strolling. However the main thing that comes to my mind is “The Seven Distinctions of Sovereignty,” the women that comprise my line. When I joined this organization, I knew I was dedicating my life to the values of Delta and was looking forward to what I could contribute to this organization. However, over the last three years, Delta has provided SO MUCH MORE FOR ME, thanks to my line sisters. They have been there through thick and thin, through my tears and joy, continuing to push me to be the greatest woman I can be. When I may have felt the world didn’t understand me, there was always someone there to reassure me. Even though we don’t see each other on the daily, the blanket of trust, security, and friendship they have provided me from afar is…. (INFINITE? Incomprehensible? Too much to put into words) and for that I will always be thankful. I am truly grateful for our journey and to call you all my line sisters. I can only hope that others in life will be able to have people as great as you all in their lives.


Sisterhood is not achieved merely through becoming a part of an organization. Our sista friendship goes beyond the letters and the colors that we represent.  Within these years, we have grown to value, love, and challenge each other to be better women, sisters, sorors and sista friends.

Your Sista Friends,

The Seven DistiNctIons of Sovereignty

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