A Love Letter to my Sista Friends by William Sinclair Moore

Dear Sista Friends

My experience
My relationship
My journey with Black women has been one of new beginnings, one of respect, & one of Unbridled love.
Lifetime movie watchin’ Fried chicken crunchin’
Wine sippin’
& conversations of healingImage result for love letter the beginning.
You my dear, are the beginning. A voice envied by songbirds. Wit so quick
Hips that don’t quit.

A soul that inspires.
A touch that heals nations.
& an image imitated by all
yet you reign.
You are the rhythm of my universe, Black woman.
Divine brown goddess of truth,
I love you.

A late night two weeks ago I had an experience that I will never forget; I want to share it with you. Imagine, Willy Will (me) sitting on the floor of a tight Brooklyn apartment. A stranger’s home; a friend of a friend of a friend. Black af. Lit af. Black souls communing. Discussing triumphs. Discussing fears. A room of 20’somethings releasing a week’s worth of thoughts. When I’m in situations like this I usually like to sit back and observe; partly because I fear the unknown but also because I really like to listen and take in other people’s realities. Anyway, this specific group of people were not going to let me exist in this space and not share. They poked and they prodded until one human, one soul, a Black woman asked a question that would unexpectedly change the way I lived for the rest of my life. She asked, “What are you afraid of?”. Honestly, I was shook by her question but because I was high af I decided to answer truthfully. I said, “Sometimes… well… all the time I- I guess I’m afraid of my emotions overcoming me. Like if I think too much or if I feel too much then maybe I could lose myself in myself.” She looked at me. Smirked. And said, “Boy, how can you lose yaself inside yourself. You got the map. It’s you. You better dive in and explore. See what all you got going on. Foreal!” Everyone chuckled but in that moment, I knew why I loved Black women so much.Image result for black men and women

The fearlessness.
The strength to inquire about someone else’s hardships, even in the midst of your own chaos.
The intuition to see the unseen.
The desire to always know more.
& the heart to breathe life into every soul they meet.
True power. –

William Sinclair Moore

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  1. You better speak that truth!

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