From a Black Man Who Always Celebrates Black Women by D’Marquis Allen

Dear Sista Friends,

Today and every day, I choose to celebrate the black woman that I’m in relationship with and the many black women who have influenced and informed the sensibilities, responsibilities, and possibilities of the man that I am today.

My sista friends -mothers, aunts, girlfriends, wives and the like-, you are wor

Image result for black valentines daythy of being celebrated each and every day. That celebration doesn’t begin and end with cheering you on when you’re up; it means expressing gratitude when you give and acting swiftly to protect you when you’re persecuted. More than that, celebrating you means recognizing, the lives you live matter, the words you speak should be listened to and internalized, the work you produce makes a difference, and all that you give to our community has value that cannot be and should not be relegated to a one or half-day bash. What you contribute is more than any singular experience or a moment in time, it’s a lifelong labor of love no less deserving of honor and regard regardless of the ebbs and flows a relationship can sometimes bring.

I can’t compare you to superheroes because that still wouldn’t give you the credit you’re due. You pour into and uplift others in the name of what is good and righteous completely absent of the expectation of reciprocity. With perfect grace and flawless execution, you all carry mountain-sized burdens in the shapes of men, children, and other women. As a black man, I dare not limit my most meaningful expressions of love, affection, respect, and appreciation for you to one day. I can’t do that because you all don’t take days off; and every day you don’t take off is yet another reason and opportunity to intentionally reciprocate what you do for us.

With Honor,
With Joy,
With Appreciation,
With Dedication,
To loving you for who you are, not what we as black want you to be, or hope that you’ll become,

D’Marquis Allen

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  1. Are you trying to make us cry??!!
    Beautifully written 🙂

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