The Power of a Haircut

Dear Sista Friend,

I got my first haircut (by Monica of MoKnowsHair) in two years a couple of weeks ago. Yes, first cut, trim, snip.

First one I’ve had in two years. Crazy, right?

My hair was yelling at me and what I realized as I got it washed, conditioned and cut, was that this was an act of self-care.

I’d been working and grinding for a long time to meet these lofty goals I’d set for myself – grad school, promotion, job changes, that I realized that I’d forgotten to take care of me!

In 2017, I defined my own switch-up. I took better care of my body, got a trainer (Holla at Barrington!), joined Weight Watchers (it works!), and lost nearly 30 pounds.

I drank a lot more water, booked trips to the doctor, dated, went to therapy consistently and pushed my self-discipline.

I applied to grad school, worked really hard to get a promotion at work, and developed a stronger skill-set as I pursued my career dreams.

What didn’t I do?

I didn’t take care of my skin or my hair. I let those things fall by the wayside. 

A small part of me took great pride in having “long” hair, no matter how unhealthy it was. It was long! It hid my fat face (this is funny now lol)! It was my safety blanket. But, it was ratty, hard to detangle, and didn’t look great when I styled it. It needed to go.

Last Thanksgiving, I treated myself to skincare products from the Black-owned company, Bolden. I committed myself to using them and taking care of my skin and as such, now have the clearest skin I’ve ever had.

Last week, I cut four inches cut off my hair, and will be headed back in June for an additional trim. I was shocked as she made the first cut and I saw A LOT of hair fall away, but I realized that this was me taking care of myself.

Appearance and self-confidence matter and are tied together. I don’t think there is an “ideal” that we should striving for, but I do think we can all strive to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. When I got my haircut, I learned that our hair’s health is determined by its foundations – the amount of water we drink, the frequency and type of cleansing, and how we remove the “shed” hair.

It was a revelation inside the salon. Our outward appearance can be tied to our inner confidence, though our confidence should not be solely dictated by our outward appearance. There is nothing wrong with looking good and feeling good. Take charge!

Your Sista Friend,


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