Finding My Om

Dear Sista Friend,

I had the opportunity to experience a rejuvenating sacred space with about 30 women of color at Black Girl In Om (BGIO) . I heard about this collective a early last month while hanging out with friends at Trap Karaoke.

I’ve been trying to practice consistent meditation and yoga for months now as part of strengthening my spirituality. I downloaded Shelah Marie’s mixtape (she has a kids mixtape coming out soon) and have done some of those meditations a few different times. My dream is to attend a Curly, Curvy, Conscious retreat but I need to stack my coins first! I’ve also done yoga via Youtube but haven’t had much success in finding a Black woman yogi to follow closely (if you have some suggestions leave a comment below).

I knew I was in need of and searching for a community of women that looked like me in order to connect, grow, and heal. I honestly just hadn’t done the research or prioritized these goals the way I should have because…LIFE. Those two hours were everything! Our guide, Danielle, took us through meditation and yoga focused on divine creativity. What does divine creativity mean? A question to which I replied, “living your purpose”. We focused on connecting to our womb where life is literally and figuratively born whether it be a tiny human or a unique piece of art (whatever this means for you). We then began to cut soul ties so that we may fully heal and move on to the amazing things that are in store.

At the end of our session we all felt many different things but unanimously appreciated the positive energy and renewal that manifested in the room. There is something extra special about participating in yoga and meditation created by Black women FOR Black women. I was extremely excited to have found a space to be affirmed, rejuvenated, healed and connected with women that look like me. I am inspired to seriously devote more time and energy into this part of my spirituality.

If you’re looking for another outlet to decompress, heal and grow I would definitely recommend trying yoga and/or meditation. I would say that if you’re struggling on your own it may be helpful to find or build a community to keep you accountable and on the right path. I’m still very much a beginner and can’t give much advice but am more than happy to share my journey.

Your Sista Friend,


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