Alton Sterling. Too Many Murders to Count

As a Black woman, I think often of safety. I think about the fear of walking alone at night. I think about rouge Uber drivers who violate women’s space and safety. I think about the men who don’t understand the word no — men who have somehow been conditioned to confuse harassment with conversation. I […]

Creative, not Ghetto: Embracing the Uniqueness of Your Name

Dear Sista Friend, Being a “sista” means to be a part of a sisterhood. A true sisterhood consists of proud Black women who carry themselves with pride and those who uplift and empower each other. Our sisterhood is not to be used to diminish another’s spirit. It is not to be discriminatory; it accepts all types […]

When Talking About Race Becomes Exhausting

Dear Sista Friend, Everyday is a constant reminder that being Black in a America means to be in a constant battle. When I turn on the news, I am reminded of the high price of Black skin.  I scroll down my Facebook feed and see a number of tirades discussing the latest news regarding violence, […]