Embracing Change

Within my small circle of friends and professional colleagues I am one of few that have worked for the same company since university graduation – nearly five years. As a representative of a generation that is notorious for busting the expectation of decades long company loyalty, I have been blessed to explore career paths within […]

Securing the Bag: Tips for Beginning the Job Search Process

Dear Sista Friend, This time last year I was hyping myself up about starting my job search.  During my last year of graduate school, “the search” was all that anyone ever really cared to discuss.  The “if, when, and where” Faith would find a job. They did not bother to ask me how I was […]

Answering the Call & Living Your Passion: Lessons Learned in Grad School

Dear Sista Friend, I never could have imagined that I would be twenty-three with a Master’s degree. I certainly was not seeking out an opportunity to stay in school longer or postpone starting my career. As God would have it though, this prospect just happened to show up at my door step (I am a […]

Visiting Colleges 101

With spring break and summer approaching it’s time for many high school students to begin visiting colleges and universities to decipher what school or type of school is best for them. There are many different approaches you can take to learning more about a college or university. You could: Visit the website Take a virtual […]

The College Admission Process

Dear Sista Friend, For most high school students the college admission process is pretty stressful. You’re taking the ACT and/or SAT, enrolled in test prep classes, involved in everything under the sun for resume purposes, while also trying to maintain at least all A’s. My 13-year-old cousin is already talking about the ACT, what schools […]