From a Black Man Who Always Celebrates Black Women by D’Marquis Allen

Dear Sista Friends, Today and every day, I choose to celebrate the black woman that I’m in relationship with and the many black women who have influenced and informed the sensibilities, responsibilities, and possibilities of the man that I am today. My sista friends -mothers, aunts, girlfriends, wives and the like-, you are wor thy […]

A Love Letter to my Sista Friends by William Sinclair Moore

Dear Sista Friends My experience My relationship My journey with Black women has been one of new beginnings, one of respect, & one of Unbridled love. Passion. Lifetime movie watchin’ Fried chicken crunchin’ Wine sippin’ & conversations of healing the beginning. You my dear, are the beginning. A voice envied by songbirds. Wit so quick Hips that […]

Why I Took A Break From Dating

So. I’m 24 and single. But this time it is on my accord. Let me explain. After college (and after being really buttoned up and a “proper” southern girl) – I moved to a really big city and decided I wanted to live. I mean really LIVE. And I did. Dated…got heartbroken….cried…put myself together….then….dated….got heartbroken….cried…put myself […]