How I Ate My Feelings and then Faced My Feelings

Welcome back! The DSF writers took a short hiatus, but we’re back to continue to challenge your thinking, push you to your “better” (whatever that looks like), and advocate for you to be the BEST YOU! Over the past two years I’ve lost close to 60 pounds. While the physical benefits have been fantastic (I […]

From a Lent Commitment to a Lifestyle Commitment

My Sista Friends, I don’t know about you, but I am the ultimate fan of bread. Like, eat an entire loaf of bread at Pappadeaux type fan (don’t judge me). However, as Lent approached and I did some self-reflection, one area I wanted to challenge myself in was my diet. I enjoy cooking tremendously, but […]

Taking Back Your Identity

Dear Sista Friend, If I could write a letter to every person who has suppressed my identity, it would be something like this: Today, I will not shelter my identity. I will not hide what exudes my culture. I will not shield the truth behind tears and pain. I will stand boldly with them, so […]

Me, Myself, & I: Creating Permanent Self-Care Habits

Dear Sista Friend, Growing up I was always told that you should learn to “take care of yourself.” As I started on my journey to becoming a woman and learning about who I was actually meant to be, I realized that I did not know what that entailed. I always assumed that taking care of […]