The Quarter Life Crisis: Where “should” you be at 25?

Dear Sista Friend, Over the last few days my linesisters and I have been discussing where we thought we would be by age 25 because now we’re actual adults right? As kids, we look up to people in their 20s as if they’re sooo grown and have it all together. Twenty-five seems like such an […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway. I conquered Paris 🇫🇷 alone.

Dear Sista Friend, A lot of people have asked or commented to me “How could you be so brave?” or “Wow! I wish I could do that.” Guess what? YOU ARE and YOU CAN! I booked this trip at the beginning of the year (February) when I set my intention for the year: discipline. I […]

Sitting at the Table: Women in Leadership

Dear Sista Friend, In today’s society the number of women in leadership positions are growing, but women are still not dominating higher leadership positions within companies, especially women of color. Women hold about 14 percent of executive officer positions, 17 percent of board seats, and constitute 18 percent of our elected congressional officials. So, when […]