How I Developed A Growth Mindset

Welcome to 2018! Our feet are firmly planted in the new year. Some of us have already fallen off the bandwagon of resolutions and our resolve has softened some. That’s ok. It happens. Instead of focusing on resolutions – there are ways to create life – shifting habits this year, ones that will change your […]

How I Ate My Feelings and then Faced My Feelings

Welcome back! The DSF writers took a short hiatus, but we’re back to continue to challenge your thinking, push you to your “better” (whatever that looks like), and advocate for you to be the BEST YOU! Over the past two years I’ve lost close to 60 pounds. While the physical benefits have been fantastic (I […]

Hidden Lessons

Dear Sista Friend, I vividly remember the moment Jenna Bush Hager uttered the poor combination of words, “Hidden Fences” at the 2017 Golden Globes. My reaction while on the couch was a combination of, “oh no she didn’t” and “God bless her heart.” However, the gag is…I uttered those exact words some days later. Join me […]

The Quarter Life Crisis: Where “should” you be at 25?

Dear Sista Friend, Over the last few days my linesisters and I have been discussing where we thought we would be by age 25 because now we’re actual adults right? As kids, we look up to people in their 20s as if they’re sooo grown and have it all together. Twenty-five seems like such an […]